Pay by credit card on our site in complete security

In order to guarantee a completely secure payment, we have selected one of the leaders in securing Internet payments: MultiSafePay B.V. KvK: 34156361, VAT: NL8101.78.473.B.01. You can buy and pay with peace of mind and security if you choose to pay by card when finalizing your order and you will have the choice between Visa, Mastercard or Bancontact. In addition, once your payment has been made on the site, your order will be paid and will go directly to the order preparation service. It saves you time. Payments are secured by 3DS technology which will involve, for example for Bancontact, the use of Digipass for a second security validation step in conjunction with your bank.

RD Coatings does not store any information about your credit card, this information is only processed by MultiSafePay and is not shared with RD Coatings.

The RD Coatings site is secured by SSL technology with a Let's Encrypt certificate from the Mozilla Foundation. It is hosted in Belgium by the company Combell (VAT BE 0541.977.701 RPM Ghent) which is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.