RD Coatings achieves new milestones in anti-corrosion!

A further series of tests carried out in the independent laboratory COT (Centrum voor Onderzoek en Technisch advies) in the Netherlands has once again demonstrated that the water-based corrosion prevention systems RD-Monoguard, RD-Elastometal and RD-Hydrograff HP protect steel as effectively as traditional solvent-based systems, and even better!

ISO 12944 - The worldwide benchmark anti-corrosion standard.

This standard is a true worldwide reference which helps engineers, architects, applicators, etc. to select the appropriate protection system according to various parameters such as location, atmospheric conditions, type of surface and desired performance. It categorizes locations into 5 categories ranging from C1, the weakest, to C5, the strongest. Since 2018, a new category, Cx, has been added for objects located on the high seas.

6 Corrosivity categories




C1 - very low


Heated buildings with clean atmosphere, eg offices, shops, schools, hotels.

C2 - low

Atmospheres with a low level of pollution: especially rural areas.

Unheated buildings where condensation may occur, for example warehouses or sports halls.

C3 - medium

Urban and industrial atmospheres, moderate pollution by sulfur dioxide: coastal areas with low salinity.

Manufacturing rooms with high humidity and some air pollution, eg food industry, laundries, breweries, dairies.

C4 - high

Industrial areas and coastal areas with moderate salinity.

Chemical plants, swimming pools. coastal shipyards.

C5 - very high

Industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmosphere, and coastal areas with high salinity.

Buildings or areas with almost permanent condensation and with high pollution.

CX - extreme

Sea areas with high salinity, industrial areas with extreme humidity and aggressive atmosphere, and tropical and subtropical atmospheres.

Industrial areas with extreme humidity and an aggressive atmosphere.


The ISO 12944 standard also describes a durability of the system ranging from LOW (<5 years="" medium="" between="" 5="" and="" 10="" high=""> 15 years). The latest version of the standard also added a VERY HIGH which corresponds to a durability of 25 years.

By looking in the table of the environments and defining a durability, the norm helps to determine the right system for a project.

Nevertheless, experience shows that a majority of paint specifiers always chooses HIGH durability in the corrosion category. Surface preparation and application costs always weigh the most in a renovation budget, so you might as well apply the amounts that achieve the highest durability. On the other hand, it doesn't make much sense to apply a C5 system inside a room considered as C2 or C1.

This is the reason why we have tested these systems to meet the demand C5 HIGH:

system life over 15 years in industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmosphere, and coastal areas with high salinity.

Three systems closely tested and meeting the most stringent criteria, C5 HIGH:

1 / RD-Monoguard 2 coats - 200 microns / 8 mils dry in total.

It's probably one of the best performing paint systems on the market that can be fully applied in less than a day!

Thanks to its very fast drying properties, its formula using latest generation resins and additives, its wide choice of colors and being single-component, RD-Monoguard offers performances equivalent to conventional epoxy / solvent-based polyurethane systems which are applied in three coats and over several days!

2 / RD-Monoguard 1 coat / RD-Hydrograff HP 1 coat -> 150 microns / 6 mils dry in total.

A variant of the first system described above and very interesting to use when the object to be painted is located in an environment which is not only very corrosive, but also subject to high abrasion or aggressive chemicals (like areas near chimneys or valves, or on metal walkways for example).

3 / RD-Elastometal 1 coat / RD-Monoguard 1 coat -> 275 microns / 11 dry mils in total.

The solution for rusted metal surfaces or when the structure to be painted is made up of bolts, gaps, sharp edges or subject to strong elongations.

The specific consistency of RD-Elastometal allows the sharpest surfaces to be enveloped to protect them durably against rust and water. Combined with RD-Monoguard, the combination will provide additional years of resistance to rust and erosion, as well as a more noticeable aestheticism thanks to the semi-gloss industrial finish of RD-Monoguard.