A more than 7 km long bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden (Copenhagen-Malmö) was inaugurated in 2000. Less than 20 years after it was put into service, corrosion had appeared in many places and the original paint had sometimes completely disappeared.
Our RD-Elastometal and RD-Monoguard anti-corrosion systems were selected for the repainting of the Øresund Bridge, a long-term project as it will last 10 years.

Although RD Coatings products have been approved and used in Denmark for bridge renovation for many years, the prescription of our systems for the project was not automatic. The consortium managing the bridge is half Danish and half Swedish. Swedish prescriptions using more traditional, solvent-based products could also have been selected.

Thanks to the work of our Danish partner Acrymatic and his experience and reputation in the bridge industry, the consortium decided in favour of RD-Monoguard systems and, in some cases, a combination of RD-Elastometal-RD-Monoguard products. This decision was based on numerous comparative tests with competing products, but also because of the innovative and more environmentally friendly properties of RD Coatings products.

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