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    Technical sheet

    Breathable waterproofing system for concrete, walls and façades; protects against weathering, carbonation and water ingress.

    Single pack low VOC elastomeric waterproofing coating

    high elasticity – crack-bridging – vapor permeability

    • 600% elasticity - keeps its elasticity over a broad temperature range and during entire lifespan
    • Prevents further cracking, flaking and bulging
    • Waterproof and vapor permeable – film is breathable and building stays dry inside
    • Solution with moisture regulation that prevents internal condensation - ISO 7783:2018
    • High resistance against CO2 diffusion and weathering
    • Protects against chlorides, carbonation and rusting of steel reinforcement
    • CE class 2 certification according to EN 1504-2

    RD-Elastoflex is highly recommended as a waterproofing and protection coating for the renovation of walls, façades and structures made of concrete or bricks. It prevents the penetration of moisture and carbon dioxide and blocks the acceleration of corrosion of the reinforcing steel inside the concrete. The specific formulation enables to combine different functionalities including high dirt pick-up resistance, good resistance against pollution and a nice aesthetical finish.

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